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I love the water how it fills to my skin. It’s so soft , my kids love it to. The service is great as well. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

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Just had a water softener installed and a few days later, noticed a leak near the drain connection. Called my sales rep, Nick, on a Sunday and Chris was at my house within an hour and had it fixed within 30 minutes. No charge to me and no questions asked. Nick called shortly thereafter to check in and make sure everything was copacetic. I’m very impressed with the rapid response and professionalism of this crew!

Justin H.
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As a customer for a year, Culligan has been great this whole time. The water they provide is top notch. Thank you Devon Lorenzini for signing me up for this service. I recommend Culligan for anyone looking for a great water service.


Forever Chemicals In Denver Drinking Water

Polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), also known as ‘Forever Chemicals’ have been found in the tap water of various locations across the United States, including parts of Colorado, there’s a valid concern about potential exposure and its long-term effects on public health. Monitoring and managing PFAS contamination in water sources is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

PFAS are persistent chemicals that can accumulate in the human body over time through exposure to contaminated water, food, or air. These substances have been linked to various health issues, including liver damage, immune system disruption, thyroid disorders, and an increased risk of certain cancers.

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Our organization is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future. In pursuit of this goal, we are steadfast in our commitment to enhancing our social and environmental footprint, with the world that is superior to the one we currently inhabit.

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40 billion fewer plastic bottles used globally each year thanks to Culligan products
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The Best Water Softeners and Water Filters in Ventura.

With this combination of water resources, Ventura water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

Surface water, like rivers and snow melt, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around the home. Most of these contaminants include naturally occurring bio materials and minerals. This means water quality can worsen seasonally when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms, or heighten water sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Ground water presents its own treatment challenges and filtration issues, so Ventura residents with primarily ground water service may see different water problems than those using water from Ventura’s surface water sources. Most often, these manifest as hard water problems which cause buildup on faucets and fixtures, and can be hard on appliances and plumbing.

High quality water does more than just taste great — from helping you stay more hydrated and healthy at home, to helping appliances, plumbing, and more stand the test of time — you’ll notice the better water difference right away.

Ventura is fortunate enough to be able to rely on locally-sourced water — that means we don’t have to use the State Water Project to import or supplement water for the city and surrounding area. But even with these local water sources, there are plenty of ways water can, and often does, go wrong before it even gets to your tap.

Water Quality in Ventura

Ventura drinking water comes from one of three sources: Lake Casitas, the Ventura River, and local groundwater wells. This means that depending on where you live in the area, whether it’s Simi Valley, Oxnard, Camarillo, or anywhere else in Ventura County, the water you drink and use at home comes from one of those three sources.

Surface water (water that comes from places like lakes and rivers — in our case Lake Casitas and the Ventura River) can have a lot to recommend it, however when it does experience issues, they can be obvious and tricky to treat. One of the most common Ventura water problems — smelly water or water that tastes unpleasant — is generally the result of surface water that’s been impacted by added biomaterial or other types of chemical or agricultural contamination. 

If you’re in a region of Ventura County serviced by one of the groundwater wells, you may experience water problems differently than your neighbors with surface water. For example, the most common water complaints from groundwater are the result of hard water (or water with high levels of dissolved minerals).  You can likely tell if you have well water if you’re noticing white buildup around your sinks and fixtures, rust-colored staining on sinks and tubs, or if your water has a metallic aftertaste or chemical smell. 

Water Filtration Solutions

The right solution for your water needs often depends on what’s in your water specifically. That’s why we’re here — to test, evaluate, and help you plan for the best quality water in your home on your budget. Whether that’s a drinking water system, a whole home water softener, or something else, we’ll customize a solution that’s right for you.