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I love the water how it fills to my skin. It’s so soft , my kids love it to. The service is great as well. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

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Just had a water softener installed and a few days later, noticed a leak near the drain connection. Called my sales rep, Nick, on a Sunday and Chris was at my house within an hour and had it fixed within 30 minutes. No charge to me and no questions asked. Nick called shortly thereafter to check in and make sure everything was copacetic. I’m very impressed with the rapid response and professionalism of this crew!

Justin H.
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As a customer for a year, Culligan has been great this whole time. The water they provide is top notch. Thank you Devon Lorenzini for signing me up for this service. I recommend Culligan for anyone looking for a great water service.


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With this combination of water resources, Thousand Oaks water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

85% of the City’s water supply in 2021 was from the State Water Project. This surface water is imported from Northern California, which originates at Lake Oroville. The water then flows through the Sacramento River Delta system and is then transported via the California Aqueduct to Southern California. It is treated, filtered and disinfected at the Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) Jensen Filtration Plant in Granada Hills. 14% of the City’s water supply in 2021 was from a blend of the Colorado River and State Water Project. It is treated, filtered and disinfected at the Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) Weymouth Filtration Plant in La Verne.

The supply is then piped directly to the City through the transmission facilities of the Calleguas Municipal Water District (Calleguas). Should this supply be interrupted by general maintenance, earthquake or other calamity, Calleguas can also deliver water to the City from their Lake Bard Water Filtration Facility and Reservoir located in the hills between Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley. For several weeks out of the year, the remaining 1% of the City’s water supply in 2021 came from the Calleguas Lake Bard Water Filtration Facility and Reservoir.

Is Thousand Oaks Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Environmental Working Group detected 15 contaminants in Thousand Oaks tap water where levels reached above their recommended guidelines. This includes arsenic, chloroform, HAA5, nitrates, radium, TTHMs, and uranium.

For the full water quality report for Thousand Oaks, click here.