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Santa Barbara: Hard Water Issues And How To Solve Them

Santa Barbara, often referred to as the “American Riviera,” is renowned for its Mediterranean climate, historic Spanish colonial architecture, and picturesque coastline. However, beneath its scenic beauty lies a challenge that many residents grapple with: hard water. In its 2022 water quality report, the city notes it has a surface water average of 386 mg/L and a groundwater average of 420, making it hard to very hard.

Santa Barbara’s Housing Landscape and the Hard Water Challenge

Santa Barbara offers a diverse range of housing options, from historic Spanish colonial homes to modern beachfront residences. Here’s how hard water might affect some of these homes:

  1. Historic Spanish Colonial Homes: These homes, characterized by their red-tiled roofs and white stucco walls, can experience mineral deposits on their intricate tiles, affecting their aesthetic appeal.
  2. Modern Beachfront Residences: Properties with panoramic ocean views can suffer from mineral buildup on large glass windows, reducing the clarity of their picturesque views.
  3. Ranch-style Homes: These homes, often surrounded by lush gardens, can face challenges with irrigation systems due to hard water, affecting plant health.

Well Water vs. Municipal Water in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara provides both well water and municipal water to its residents. Well water, sourced directly from the ground, can contain a variety of minerals, making it more likely to be hard. On the other hand, municipal water undergoes treatment processes but can still be hard, depending on the source and treatment methods. The hardness of the water can vary, with groundwater being harder compared to desalinated water, as indicated by the city’s water softener settings.

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